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SF 16th C. HEMA Jacket 800N

Art No#: HFG5206
Price: $180.00


SF 16th C. HEMA Jacket 800N is designed for HEMA and tested by top HEMA fencers.

Made of 800N certified puncture resistant fabric.
Provides excellent level of protection and free of movement.
Jacket with two zippers with velcro.
3-4 layers of synthetic wadding to provide shock absorption from blows.
Collar with a blade catcher.
Available in standard sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.
Also available in customize sizes and colors without any extra charges.
You can customize Jacket in any way you want without any extra charges.
Approx. weight 3 Kg.
Email us at: with questions and requests.

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