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Fang HEMA Jacket 800N

Art No#: HFG5279
Price: $200.00

Fang Jacket is designed by Blood and Iron Martial Arts Tony Huang,Lee Smith,Julian Schuetz  with other instructors in 2016.This jacket is designed with the purpose of heavy tournament usage.The jacket is tested in the snowy weather of Canada and the hot temperature of Mexico. This is the final version of the Typhoon mk1.

This jacket protects neck and lower face with build-in gorget.
Extra padding for protection on the front torso,shoulders,and upper arm.
Ventilation Slits and advance perforated ventilation mesh on back for heat flow while usage. 
800N puncture resistance fabric.  
Advance light perforated ventilation mesh forearms.
Ridged plastic plates along the spine for extra protection.     
Lighter padding on the back.  
No padding on the forearms in order to accommodate hard plated forearms for improved maneuverability.
Design pattern and weight distribution is meant to improve mobility and feel of the jacket weight.
Shoulder are designed to have more mobility for different sizes  Available in standard sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.
Also available in customize sizes and colors without any extra charges.
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