SF HEMA Starter Kit 4
SF HEMA Starter Kit 4
Ref#: HFG5236
Price 370$

SF HEMA Starter Kit is the best way to get a full set of HEMA kit at a fantastic price.
You can get your gear in customize colors and sizes without any extra costs.You can have embroidery club patches on gear. This kit was designed and tested by top HEMA fencers.

SF HEMA Starter Kit includes:

  1. SF HEMA Jacket 350N
  2. SF HEMA Heavy Sparring Gloves
  3. SF HEMA Pants 350N 
  4. SF HEMA Full Fencing Mask Overlay
  5. SF HEMA Forearm with Elbow Protector 
  6. SF HEMA Gorget
  7. SF Groin Protector 
  8. SF Fencing Socks 
  9. SF HEMA Bag 
  10. SF HEMA Knee Protector 
  11. SF HEMA Shin Protector

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